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God's Support: create your own bot to support your clients

Support clients with your team from Telegram using all messager features.


  • You perform all actions only in Telegram
    User request gets into your channel as a post. Team communication and responses to the user take place in the comments of this post. Working inside the messenger allows you to send photos, videos, audio and video messages.

  • Teamwork
    Team communicates in the comments.

  • Welcome message
    — Set the start message of the bot
    — Set a welcome text to user when creating the request
    — Set a welcome text to your team when receiving the request

  • Anonymous or named requests
    Request are:
    — Anonymous
    — indicating the username
    — indicating the user's nickname (with ability to go to user profile)

  • Managing requests using bot commands
    You can close a request, change sending message frequency, ban a user. More about it here

  • Multiple response modes
    — All comments to the request-post are delivered to the client
    — Only replies to the bot messages are delivered to the client

  • Telegram-bot
    Hide your personal account and communicate with your clients on behalf of the bot

The video below demonstrates the work of the bot.

Creating a bot will take about 10 minutes. There are more about the options for creating a bot and about the pricing policy in the Configurations section.