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How does the bot work?
Your customers write requests to the bot. This bot forwards them to the channel.
Each request has comments in this channel. The support team discusses the request in the comments and responds to the client there.
Does the bot need a server?
No, this is not needed. Bot hosts on our servers.
But you can also host it on your servers if you want to be sure of the confidentiality of requests.
Do you have access to client messages and team responses?
Yes, the bot has access to messages and to all objects which are available through the Telegram API.
But for the bot to work, it does not need to store the text of messages.
We store unique identifiers of users, channels, groups, times of sending messages.
If you want to be sure of the confidentiality of requests, you need to host the bot on your server.
How to create a bot?
1. Create a bot using BotFather (the main bot for managing your bots).
2. Create a channel and group.
3. Add and configure the created bot using FatherSupports.
What is the price policy?
You can use the bot for free if the number of requests is less than a hundred.
Then the cost depends on the number of requests.
You can also buy bot software and host it on your server.
There is more about this in the section price policy.