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General information

There are two options for using the bot:

  1. Using FatherSupports-bot
    The bot runs on our server. You control its using FatherSupports. More details in the creating and configuring section bot.
  2. Deploy to your server

Pricing policy

Using FatherSupports

  • The first month is trial (Trial tariff), the number of requests is not limited
  • When the trial month ends, you will be offered a tariff suitable for your number requests
  • The number of requests received is summed up every month. If necessary, you will be asked to switch to the appropriate tariff


Trial Free t100 t1000
Number of the Requests not limited less than 100 100 - 1000 more than 1000
Price - - 50$ 100$


You can request regional discounts

You can also request free use of the bot for social organizations

Deploy to your server

Payment is made once. You will get the software with instructions on how to install and configure the bot.


Support is provided throughout one year. We will fix only critical errors (Those errors that do not allow using the bot)