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Configuration about FatherSupport

In this part of the configuration, you need to add a bot to the FatherSupports bot. It will be used to configure and manage your bot.

  1. Send command /newbot to FatherSupports chat
    Then follow the bot's directions
  2. Send ApiKey which one you got from the FatherBot
  3. Forward some message from the channel you created earlier


If you have any difficulties during creating or configuring the bot, please contact us from GodsSupport. We will create a bot for you or help you configure it.

Basic setup completed! Call the command /mybots to start using the bot. Select the bot and launch it.

Settings in the FatherSupports

  • You can change the initial settings of the bot through the menu edit
  • You can stop/start the bot
  • You can delete the bot (This command does not remove your bot from FatherBot)
  • You can top up the bot for any amount
  • You can set a message for the /start command of your bot
  • You can switch the display mode of the username:
    • Do not display (anonymous requests)
    • Display Username. You can distinguish users from each other, but you do not have a link to the user's profile
    • Display user's nickname. You have a link to a user profile
  • You can choose the response mode (this parameter manages how messages from team members are processed in comments):
    • All messages in comments are forwarded to the user
    • Only replies to the bot's messages will be forwarded to the user
  • You can add an additional message for the user to each request (this message contains an immutable part with a unique request number)
  • You can add a message to the team when it receives a new request (this message also has an immutable part)

Commands FatherSupports

Available commands:

  • /changelanguage or /cl — change the language of this bot (all service messages will be in this language)
  • /newbot — add a new bot
  • /mybots — show my bots