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The created bot has several commands.

Available commands for the user

  • /changelanguage or /cl - change the language of this bot (all service messages will be in this language).

  • /start - standard command. The message for this command can be changed through FatherSupport in more detail here

Available commands for the team

These commands are needed for the team. The support staff has access to commands

  • /close or - close request. If the user was writing when the request closed then a new request will be created.

  • /rate or /r - closes request and asks the user to rate the help for this request.

  • /ban or /b - ban user. This user will not be able to use the bot.

  • /unban or /u - unban user.

  • /limit x or /l x - limits the frequency of sending messages for the user. Х is the number of seconds.